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My First Alphabet

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My First Alphabet #210 PDF

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Paper Piecing Pattern #210 My First Alphabet
Paper Piecing Pattern #213 My First Alphabet: Numbers & Punctuation
Finished letter size: 3 inch OR 6 inch tall
This is for a PDF pattern. 

ALL NEW: My First Alphabet 6 inch tall pattern! Letters AND Numbers (each sold separately)

Don't forget to grab the FREE Letter Tally Sheet to help you plan your project!


My First Alphabet is a paper piecing pattern for the complete English alphabet from A-Z, in uppercase form. Although there are a few letters with smaller pieces, it is not a complicated pattern. A GREAT way to personalize any project! Combine the letters, numbers and punctuation marks to expand the possibilities even more!

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Alphabet pattern includes (3 inch size):
:: 3 pages of tips and how-to's for this specific pattern
:: 7 pages of letter patterns, with multiple letters per page.
:: 26 pages with multiple of a single letter per page. These are great for using words or phrases with multiple of the same letter, like Mississippi, so you aren't printing a bunch of letters you won't be using. Instead all you'll need is one page each of "I", "S", "P" and "M"!  

Number & Punctuation pattern includes:
:: 5 pages of tips and how-to's for this specific pattern
:: 5 pages of numbers and punctuation marks, 24 total patterns.
:: 9 pages of multiple copies of a single number per page.

6 inch Alphabet pattern includes:
:: 3 pages of Instructions and tips
:: Letter Tally Sheet
:: 26 pages of alphabet pattern templates, one template for page

6 inch Number & Punctuation pattern includes:
:: 5 pages of tips and how-to's
:: 9 pages of numbers, 0-9, one copy per page
:: 10 pages of 14 of the most common punctuation marks

PRINT pattern pieces at NO SCALE or 100%.
Letters finish at 3 inches tall. You can scale them to different sizes, but you WILL need to adjust the seam allowance before cutting out pattern pieces.


9/5/16 - I made a lot of updates to these patterns! Now there are more options for printing, AND I simplified the "S" and "Q" to make those MUCH easier to use! Hooray! I heard the grumbling, and I'm so happy to have finally updated this! ;) Enjoy!

9/20/16 - I have added a FREE tally sheet to help you keep track of how many of each letter you need for your word or phrase. This is a great tool to help you figure out which pages to print and how many.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at fromblankpages [!at]

** You may sell items made with this pattern on a small handmade scale. Please include in all descriptions, "Pattern is My First Alphabet by Diane Bohn" so that others can find and enjoy this pattern as well. All rights reserved. Do not copy, alter, redistribute, share, or sell this pattern in any way without written consent.

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