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My ABC's Complete

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My ABC's #214 PDF

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Paper Piecing Pattern #214 My ABC's
Paper Piecing Pattern #217 My ABC's: Numbers & Punctuation
Finished block size: Letters are 3 inches tall*, excluding descenders**
This is for a PDF pattern. 

If you would like to try a sample of this pattern to see if it's something you could do, check out my Love pattern!

Alphabets are a great way to add personality and personalization to any project! My ABC's is a fun fat font. Available patterns for Uppercase, Lowercase, Both Upper and Lowercase (Complete Collection), and Numbers & Punctuations! Everything you need to create unique projects or quilts!

Uppercase pattern includes:
:: 3 pages of instructions and tips for working with this pattern
:: 11 pages of pattern pieces, A-Z all uppercase, which finish at 3 inches tall*

Lowercase pattern includes:
:: 3 pages of instructions and tips for working with this pattern
:: 8 pages of pattern pieces, a-z, all lowercase, which finish at 3 inches tall*

Complete Collection pattern includes:
:: 41 pages
:: 5 pages of instructions and tips for working with this pattern
:: 36 pages of pattern pieces, A-Z, in UPPER and lowercase form, which finish at 3 inches tall*
There are 4 sets of alphabets (Upper and Lowercase with descender spaces, and Upper and lowercase without descenders) to make for the easiest joining of any combination of letters. **

Numbers & Punctuations pattern includes:
::24 pages! 53 patterns total!
:: 4 pages of instructions and diagrams for using this specific pattern
:: 2 sets of the numbers 0-9.
:: 2 sets of punctuation marks. 14 different characters in the set without E, 19 characters in the set with E.**

*3 inches is measured from the top of acenders (cap height, like in the letter "d") to the baseline (bottom of the "d"). Letters with descenders** make the letters a little taller.
**Descenders are the parts of letters that dip below the baseline, as in letters g, j, p, q, y, as well as in punctuation marks like a comma.
***To accommodate letters with descenders** I have included "E" sections in the pattern to make joining these letters easy. The Uppercase only pattern does not include these extra pattern pieces. BUT the Complete pattern includes a set with the "E" section and a set without the "E" section - to make it quick and easy to combine upper and lowercase letters. The Lowercase only pattern ONLY includes pattern pieces with the "E" section, but the complete set includes pattern pieces without on the compatible letters. The Numbers & Punctuation pattern has two sets of pattern, with and without the "E" section.

Print at 100% or no scale.

This pattern can easily be resized, but please note the instructions for resizing in the pattern.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at fromblankpages [!at]

** You may sell items made with this pattern on a small handmade scale. Please include in all descriptions, "Pattern is My ABC's by Diane Bohn" so that others can find and enjoy this pattern as well. All rights reserved. Do not copy, alter, redistribute, or sell this pattern in any way without written consent.

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