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Simple Celestial

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Simple Celestial #229 PDF

$ 3.99
Paper Piecing Pattern #229 Simple Celestial
Finished block sizes available: 9 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, & 24 inch
Bundle and Save! 24 inch pattern NOT included in bundle.
This is for a PDF pattern. 


Simple Celestial is just that. A simple version of my popular Celestial Star pattern! This pattern contains many of the same design elements of the Celestial Star pattern, but in a more basic and simpler design! The possibilities with this block are endless!

This pattern includes:

:: Instructions for constructing a block, with diagrams
:: About This Pattern, Tips, and Instructions
:: Cutting Templates - for easy fussy cutting, speed, and accuracy in piecing
:: Coloring pages - Includes various layout and design options
:: Pattern Templates

IMPORTANT!!! THE 24in PATTERN IS FORMATTED TO PRINT ON LEGAL SIZE PAPER ONLY (8.5in x 14in). Every printer should be able to print on legal paper. If you are unsure, check your printer before purchasing. I cannot issue a refund once the pattern is downloaded! Legal paper can be bought anywhere paper is sold: Walmart, Office Supply Stores, etc. Why? Because every printer should be capable of printing on this size paper, and it is readily available at most stores. The larger paper format eliminates the need for taping pattern pieces and cutting templates together, and conserves space, making the pattern more economical.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at fromblankpages [!at]

** You may sell items made with this pattern on a small handmade scale. Please include in all descriptions, "Pattern is Simple Celestial by Diane Bohn" so that others can find and enjoy this pattern as well. All rights reserved. Do not copy, alter, redistribute, or sell this pattern in any way without written consent. Please do not share this pattern with your friends. Instead direct them to my shop where they can purchase it themselves. Thanks!!

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