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Mini Tote Bag

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Mini Tote Bag #302 PDF

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This bag is great for small items, a book or two, perfect fit for manila folders (we use them for activity books for our children). My 2 and 4 year olds love their bags! They aren't too big, but big enough to hold what they want. The strap is long enough that adults can cary them over their shoulders as well. My husband will often use one for his church bag (to carry scriptures and pens). The bag also includes two pockets inside. One larger for miscellaneous items, one smaller pocket that is perfect for pens and pencils.

This pattern is simple to make, and pretty quick! With only two main pieces, two pieces for pockets, and 4 pieces for the strap, there isn't a whole lot to get lost in.

I've had people comment on this pattern who are new to sewing that found it easy to follow and easy to put together. I recently shared this with young women in my church who made these for an activity. A basic bag which is also a great spring board for adding never ending variety to!

The pattern has pictures explaining most of the steps, which are numbered with the steps. You will easily be able to follow along with this pattern. This is actually a re-write of a tutorial I posted on my blog. You can find the original pattern with the pictures included in the pattern here:

I've edited the steps and cleaned it up a bit from what is on my blog. It's in an easy to follow format and as a pdf you can easily print it off! Refer back to the blog post for bigger picture references.

If you make this bag I'd LOVE to see it! You can post it in my flickr group here:

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