Stay up-to-date with Pattern Updates!

One thing that has been a goal of mine for a long time, is to update a lot of my older, but awesome, patterns! As my design skills and writing style have improved over the years, I look back at my older patterns and feel bad that they aren’t as great as my newer patterns. (and sometimes I cringe just a little at how beginner they are…) 😉

Now that I’m beginning to convert my PDF patterns to printed patterns, I am finding that I don’t want to do so without making these needed improvements first! And I want YOU to know about them and be sure to be able to use the best version of your patterns!

As I update patterns I will record updates HERE! This will be the easiest place to keep track of the patterns you’ve purchased and see if you need to redownload them before beginning your next project!

Did you purchase your pattern from a different site? Don’t fret! You can purchase the Past Purchase Access Pass and have all of your past purchases (PDF’s only) imported right into your account! It’s a great way to make sure that you have access to all pattern updates FOREVER!

(The only pattern I’ve updated so far is the Celestial Star pattern! But the updates are GREAT! Check them out!)